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Clean Renewable Energy

  • Solar energy.

  • Do they have a Plan?
    Does the VLCIA have a plan for bringing real clean energy into this area?

  • Highland Renewable Energy Strategy
    The Highland Council of Scotland, with fewer people in more land area than south Georgia, came up with a 58-page renewable energy strategy and planning guidelines, considering numerous types of renewable energy, pros and cons of each, power distribution, effects on environment, protected areas, etc., illustrated copiously with detailed maps, plus an additional 75 pages of maps, graphs, and analysis. Where is the south Georgia equivalent?

  • Biomass and Carbon Dioxide
    The document VLCIA is giving out purporting to show carbon neutrality of biomass plants does nothing of the kind, and actually calls for a regional renewable energy study like the Highland Council one.

  • Valdosta-Lowndes County Industrial Authority (VLCIA) Board
    Roy Copeland Tom Call Mary B. Gooding Terri Lupo Jerry Jennett