owl LAKE
What: (Meeting Name): Lowndes County Comissioners Work Session

When: (Meeting Date / Time):  Monday August 10, 2009 8:30am

Where: (Location of meeting)
        325 West Savannah Ave. 
        Commission Chambers

Who:    (Who were officials there)
                Chairman: Ashley Paulk
                District 1 Commissioner: Joyce Evans
                District 2 Commissioner: Richard Lee
                District 3 Commissioner: G. Robert Carter

        (Who were other staff / speakers there)

                County Manager: Joe Pritchard
                County Attorney: Walter Elliot
                County Clerk: Paige Dukes
                County Planner: Jason Davenport
                County Finance Director: Stephanie Black
                County IT Director: Aaron Kostyu
                County Engineer: Mike Fletcher

        (Who or how many other attendees were there)
                Citizens: Gretchen Quarterman
		Lowndes County Staff: About 7 in the audience

How: (Meeting Notes:)

>1. Call to Order

>2. Invocation

>3. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

>4. Minutes for Approval
>a. Work Session – July 27, 2009
>b. Regular Session – July 28, 2009

>5. Resolution for Moody Air Force Base Joint Land Use Study

I arrived during this section (about 8:35). 
Julia Shewchuck from SGRDC was giving a presentation.
I missed what exactly the point of the resolution was.
Items discussed were noise contours, building construction standards in MAZ
zoning districts, seller disclosure statements, keeping the air space flexible.
Richard Lee asked most of the questions.

>6. Public Hearings
>a. REZ-2009-10-Estes Express, ~ 42 Acres-(M-1) to (M-2)
	This is a correction to zoning from when ULDC was done.
	There is a truck terminal there and it should be M-2.
	TRC and planning recommended approval.

>b. Decorative Special Tax Lighting District-Carlton Ridge
	99 lots
	no cost to the county
	will be charged on the 2010 tax bill 53.50

>c. Abandonment of unopened ROW-Chug-A-Lug Rd
	off cowart circle - originally, both land owners were in favor
	but now one (Langdale company) has decided they are not in favor.

>7. Citizens Wishing to be Heard Please State Name And Address

They don't generally do this at the work session.

>8. For Consideration
>a. Proposal from ASA Engineering for Coppage Road East Paving Project
	Coppage from ValDel to Skipper Bridge
	ASA engineering 23,625
	survey and deed preparations.

	stafford-wright - all but 2 parcels are not signed.
		1) lowndes county - there should be no problem
		2) absent land owner - ms. wright working on it?

>b. Adopt Resolution accepting infrastructure for Nelsen Hills Subdivision
	267 lots - phase one on ValDel

>c. Department of Juvenile Justice: “Pass Through” Grant Request
	Kimberly Porter
	pass-thru grant of $7500
	no cost to county
	money is for Lowndes County Youth for counselling and evaluations

>d. Builder’s Risk Insurance Premium-Jail Construction Project, Phase II
	county can buy this insurance for less than the contractors
	so rather than have higher price in bids, this insurance is 
	purchased seperately. broker provided bids 13,878 with 10K deductable

>9. Bids
>a. Bid for Firearms Training Center
	Phase 1 - 23 acre sight, 19 acres cleared, grubbed to prepare for survey
		Killen 64,578
		Cowart 66,534
		?      68,500

>b. Landscaping Packaging for the Judicial Complex
	soil preparation, sod, mulch, trees and shrubs
	one year warrentee
		quality 19,740
		evergreen 21,500
		dasher	  23,625
		?	  29,?
		?	  35,714.50
		paulk	  36,500 (ashley notes - no relation)

>10. Reports - County Manager
	millage rate to be set at 5:30 hearing on August 25th
	after 5pm school board meeting
	should be a roll-back rate

	City annexations - one lot for a habitat home - city water/sewer
			south of airport runway - also for water/sewer - zoned M2

Executive Session for real estate discussion.

Scribe: Gretchen Quarterman - these are not official minutes - just notes from an observer