owl LAKE
What: (Meeting Name): Lowndes County Comissioners Meeting

When: (Meeting Date / Time):  Tuesday March 10, 2009 5:30pm

Where: (Location of meeting)
	325 West Savannah Ave. 
	Commission Chambers

Who: 	(Who were officials there)
		Chairman: Ashley Paulk
		District 1 Commissioner: Joyce Evans
		District 2 Commissioner: Richard Lee
		District 3 Commissioner: G. Robert Carter

	(Who were other staff / speakers there)

		County Manager: Joe Pritchard
		County Attorney: Walter Elliot
		County Clerk: Paige Dukes
		County Planner: Jason Davenport
		County Finance Director: Stephanie Black
		County IT Director: Aaron Kostyu
		County Facilities Director: Robin English
		County Engineer: Mike Fletcher
		County Utilities Director: Mike Allen
		Tax Commissioner: Mary Nell Robertson

	(Who or how many other attendees were there)
		About 45 people in the audience (staff and citizens)
			Approx 8-10 people appeared to be about 
				ULDC #7 (animal shelters and fosterhomes)

How: (Meeting Notes:)

Agenda items:
	Issue (from agenda with any additional information)
	What was discussed
	Who voted for/against

>4. Minutes for Approval
>a. Work Session – February 23, 2009
>b. Regular Session – February 24, 2009

Richard Lee commented on the one word correction 
	Motion by Lee
	Second by Evans
	Unanimous approval

>5. Proclamation for National Professional Social Worker Month

Commissioner Evans asked Clerk Dukes read the proclamation.
	Motion by Lee
	Second by Evans
	Unanimous approval

>6. Public Hearings
>a. REZ-2009-01 Brookhaven II, Rolling Pine Dr., 0198 006C, 6 ac., 1 lot, P-D, water/sewer

64 units west of 75 in Lake Park - affordable housing.
	Rolling Pine Drive

	Speaking for: Houston Brown
	Speaking against: none

	Motion by Carter
	Second by Lee
	No discussion
	Unanimous approval

>b. TXT-2009-01, 2009 ULDC Update, Unincorporated Lowndes County

Jason Davenport went over ULDC changes again.
He higlighted items 
	Height requirements near Moody and the airport
	Surveying and platting standard procedures
	Animal shelters and Foster Homes

Speaking for:
	Selina Dunworth 
	Barbara Sargent
	Michelle Sullivan
	Cheryl Hatcher 
		all spoke related to Animal Shelters and Foster Homes
	items mentioned:
		most fosters are in residential areas
		stray and homeless cats are bigger problem than dogs
		need good code enforcement

Speaking against:

Commissioner Evans said shd could not support item 7 
(animal shelter and foster homes) withouth changes.

Motion to approve items 1-6 and 8-12 as presented by Lee
Second by Evans
Unanimous approval

Item 7 will be revisited at next meeting

>c. Resolution-Abandonment of unopened ROW-Clyattville Area

Will not be officially abandoned until signing of easement documents
is complete (probably by next meeting)

	Motion by Carter
	Second by Lee
	Unanimous approval

>7. Citizens Wishing to be Heard Please State Name And Address

Floyd Rose - President of Valdosta Southern Christian Leadership
	Spoke against redistricting plan

	Chairman Paulk said redistricting is based upon 2000 census
		Justice Dept will be involved no matter what
		Maps were carefully studied and drawn
		New Eastern District will be a minority district

	Mr Rose said the proposal had not been sufficiently discussed
		with the community

	Chairman Paulk said you can't please everyone.
	People will get to vote on it at ballot referendum 

Gretchen Quarterman had a question about something in VDT Rant and Rave
	Chairman Paulk said R&R is for mindless and spineless

>8. For Consideration
>a. Brookhaven II (REZ-2009-01), GA DCA Affordable Housing Tax Credit - 
>	Letter of Support and Resolution

Motion to write letter of support by Carter
Second by Lee
No discussion
Unanimous approval

>b. Resolution Authorizing Judicial in Rem Tax Foreclosures

Mary Nell Robertson explained to the commission that some pieces
of property there is no clear deed. Need a court order to sell
the properties. GA code requires a resolution to settle the deeds.

Motion by Carter
Second by Evans
No discussion
Unanimous approval

>c. Motorola Support Agreement for Offendertrak & PMDC

Motion by Lee
Second by Evans
No discussion
Unanimous approval

>d. Expansion of Commission

Resolution of expansion of commision to be forwarded to local delegation.
Commissioner Lee asked to have resolution read (not the act)
Clerk Duke read the resolution

Motion by Lee
Second by Carter
No discussion
Unanimous approval

>8e. Change order for James Road

Centerline change must be done because of phone and gas line in ROW
Cost of this change $13,200
Cost of installing water/sewer stub outs for 8 requested properties 
Cost of installing water/sewer stub outs for all parcels $47,600.

Motion by Evans
Second by Carter
No discussion
(not sure of the vote of RL others voted affirmative)

>9. Reports
>a. County Manager

No new items.

Adjourn 6:29pm