owl LAKE
What: (Meeting Name): Lowndes County Comissioners Work Session

When: (Meeting Date / Time):  Monday March 9, 2009 8:30am

Where: (Location of meeting)
	325 West Savannah Ave. 
	Commission Chambers

Who: 	(Who were officials there)
		Chairman: Ashley Paulk
		District 1 Commissioner: Joyce Evans
		District 2 Commissioner: Richard Lee
		District 3 Commissioner: G. Robert Carter

	(Who were other staff / speakers there)

		County Manager: Joe Pritchard
		County Attorney: Walter Elliot
		County Clerk: Paige Dukes
		County Planner: Jason Davenport
		County Finance Director: Stephanie Black
		County IT Director: Aaron Kostyu
		County Facilities Director: Robin English
		County Engineer: Mike Fletcher
		County Utilities Director: Mike Allen
		Tax Commissioner: Mary Nell Robertson

	(Who or how many other attendees were there)
		Citizens: Gretchen Quarterman
			Gary Minchew
			Mr. Brown - developer for Brookhaven
			Robert Jefferson - Moody Representative
			one other man
		Lowndes County Staff: 
			Fire chief: Richard Guyton
			Other Staff - about 4 men
				three more women came in late

How: (Meeting Notes:)

Agenda items:
	Issue (from agenda with any additional information)
	What was discussed
	Who voted for/against

>5. Proclamation for National Professional Social Worker Month

Chairman Paulk had Clerk Dukes read the proclamation.
Robert Carter noted some typographical errors. Ms. Dukes said they would
be corrected before the Tuesday meeting.

>4. Minutes for Approval
>a. Work Session – February 23, 2009
>b. Regular Session – February 24, 2009

Richard Lee made a comment about reversionary clause 
on the 2nd page, last paragraph

>6. Public Hearings
>a. REZ-2009-01 Brookhaven II, Rolling Pine Dr., 0198 006C, 6 ac., 1 lot, P-D, water/sewer

64 units west of 75 in Lake Park - affordable housing.
Richard Lee asked if there is a Brookhaven I.
Jason Davenport reported there is, 48 units across the street.
Developer also has ArborTrace I and II.
Richard Lee asked if these are similar to units being considered in Hahira.
Jason Davenport said the units are similar.

Joyce Evans asked to define affordable housing.
Jason said it's in 2nd tab in packed he handed out, on third page from back.
1 bedroom - max income 23000
2 bedroom - max income 29000
3 bedroom - max income 34260?

All units will be rentals.
Richard Lee commented about "public housing". That usually has a
government sanctioned housing authority.

Jason Davenport said that this is similar because  the target is
affordable housing on purpose, just with a private owner.

Ashley Paulk commented he know the applicant and thinks they will
do a good job managing the property.

>b. TXT-2009-01, 2009 ULDC Update, Unincorporated Lowndes County

Jason Davenport went over ULDC changes again.
He higlighted items 
	Updated maps
	Rural Planned Developments
	Height Encroachments near Moody and the Airport
		there will be no grandfathering
	Animal Shelters
	Alcohol License Process
	Platting procedures
He noted that the planning commission voted 8-1 to approve with
Tommy Willis voting against.

>c. Resolution-Abandonment of unopened ROW-Clyattville Area

Materials were passed out for commission to read.
Property is deeded back and the easements are retained for water 
and walkway from development to school.

>7. Citizens Wishing to be Heard Please State Name And Address

Not at the work session.

>8. For Consideration
>a. Brookhaven II (REZ-2009-01), GA DCA Affordable Housing Tax Credit - 
>	Letter of Support and Resolution

If BrookHaven II is approved, the developer would appreciate a letter
of support from the county which would be used in a grant funding
opportunity. RL asked to clarify that no local funding was required.
JD confirmed.

>b. Resolution Authorizing Judicial in Rem Tax Foreclosures

Mary Nell Robertson explained to the commission that some pieces
of property there is no clear owner. For these properties, she
wants to have a judge look at available documents and make a court
order of ownership sow that properties can be sold and put back
on the tax roles.  Local Superior Court would be involved.

>c. Motorola Support Agreement for Offendertrak & PMDC

Aaron Kostyu is renewing software for 31K.
RL wanted to know if price went up. AK said it did not, infact
it went down by $818 because they got a multiple system discount.

>d. Expansion of Commission

Joe Pritchard urged the commissioners to move quickly on the resolution
because time to submit to Legislature is short. 
There were questions about which district will have the 2 year term
to get them on staggered terms. 4 is east, 5 is west. 4 is
the minority district. It will be on 2 year term so as to not
run in the same cycle as district 1.
Robert Carter suggests making no further changes to resolution and
"send it that way".

>9. Reports
>a. County Manager

Joe Pritchard recommends a slight delay in preparation of the Quit
Claim Deed for former Board of Elections building, until after the
Industrial Authority meets on March 17th.

Joe Pritchard said there was a meeting about James Road with
Chairman Paulk, Mike Allen, Mike Fletcher, Lovell Engineering
about some changes to the centerline and the sewer placement.
This change is to avoid confilcts with other untilities and
will cost an additional $13,200.

So far, there have been 8 requests for sewer and water connections
on James Road. The cost of these 8 would be $16,250.  To service all
the lots on James Road (82 parcels) it would cost $82,140

$100,000 of contingency money is available in the project and will
cover these two changes but if other changes are needed, then the
county commission will need to vote to approve additional funding.

It is still residents responsibility to pay for connection from
property to stub-out.

A 21 page document about stimulus options was circulated earlier
and Engineering and Utilities noted that stimulus money was only
for shovel ready projects with no funding. James Road has funding.

9:02 executive session for personnel issue