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What: (Meeting Name): Lowndes County Comissioners Work Session

When: (Meeting Date / Time):  Monday February 23, 2009 8:30am

Where: (Location of meeting)
	325 West Savannah Ave. 
	Commission Chambers

Who: 	(Who were officials there)
		Chairman: Ashley Paulk
		District 1 Commissioner: Joyce Evans
		District 2 Commissioner: Richard Lee
		District 3 Commissioner: G. Robert Carter

	(Who were other staff / speakers there)

		County Manager: Joe Pritchard
		County Attorney: Walter Elliot
		County Clerk: Paige Dukes
		County Planner: Jason Davenport
		County Finance Director: Stephanie Black
		County IT Director: Aaron Kostyu
		County Engineer: Mike Fletcher
		County Utilities Director: Mike Allen
		County Zoning and Planning: Carmella Braswell
		County Emergency Response: Ashley Tye

	(Who or how many other attendees were there)
		Citizens: Gretchen Quarterman
		Lowndes County Staff: About 4 in the audience

How: (Meeting Notes:)

Agenda items:
	Issue (from agenda with any additional information)
	What was discussed
	Who voted for/against

>4. Minutes for Approval
>        a. Work Session – February 9, 2009
>        b. Regular Session – February 10, 2009

	No changes suggested.

>5. Citizens Wishing to be Heard Please State Name And Address

	Not at the work session

>6. For Consideration
>        a. 2009 ULDC Update Introduction
Jason Davenport, county planner, gave an overview of some of the 12 proposed changes to
the ULDC. He highlighted the following:

A)	Addition of PD-R zoning classification 
	This zoning classification is for Rural Planned Developments (new PD-R) which were
	previously Mobile Home Parks but with the adoption of the ULDC became Planned Developments (PD).
	Planned Developments must be on a collector road and must connect to county water. Many
	Mobile Home Parks have community well and septic (from before ULDC) and now permitting will
	not allow them to add/change configurations.  Also the Sheriff's Boy's Ranch is zoned PD
	and it is not anywhere near county water but does need to be supported through appropriate

	Richard Lee asked qustions about new mobile home parks.  
		New mobile home parks would be required to be PD, 
		this rezoning is just for about 33 existing rural parcels.

	Richard Lee asked if requirements are being added to land owners.
		It is possible that some new requirments might be added but the process will include
		a complete historical search of the permitting. An example of what might be required
		is an all weather road but not all weather parking. These are both required in PD
		but neither were required in old mobile home park zoning.

	Richard Lee had concerns that the county can't significantly penalize land owners.
		The rezoning process will take place one parcel at a time and the county
		staff will work with each owner to understand what they are approved for today
		and make a clear packet of what the parcel is approved for going forward.

	Richard Lee wants no cost to landowners.
		Re-zoning application fees will be waived.
		Larry Breedon from County Engineering Department will be assigned to work with
		landowners to draw up the site plans at no cost to the land owners.

	Richard Lee "don't want any howling" from landowners.
B)	Animal Shelters and Animal Foster Homes

	A shelter is a professional building, and has same zoning requirments as a veterinary office.
	A foster home contracts with a shelter to protect, care for, socialize animals for adoption.
	Foster Homes in residential areas is based upon lot size.
	Currently up to 5 animals are allowed in any configuration.
	New limit would be:
		up to 10 animals on lots of less than 10,000 square feet with no more than 5 dogs.
		up to 12 animals on lots of more than 10,000 square feet with no more than 5 dogs.

C)	Alcohol licensing
	The LaGaviota alcohol license application in LakePark revealed some problems in the permitting
	process. Three options were considered. 
		1) require additional commuications/meetings with applicant before any permits are pulled
			this means before a building permit is issued, a discussion about the alcohol
			must also take place.
		2) preliminary/conditional use permits - this would change the flow of the application
			and could potentially pose problems in the public hearing process
		3) add additional zoning uses to avoid (near churches and schools are already forbidden)
	Staff recommends choice 1.

	There are three kinds of liquor licenses.
		1) take out and drink off premises (mini mart or store)
		2) beer and/or wine poured and consumed on premises
		3) distilled spirits (and beer/wine) poured and consumed on premises

		Only 3 requires a public hearing
	New process applies only to new business applications, not to change of ownership.

>        b. Beer and Wine License for Yoseph E. Mengesha,
>        dba Raceway #6727, located at 1177 Lakes Boulevard

	this is a change of ownership
>        c. Beer and Wine License for Gerald Evans Jr.
>        with GE Hospitality, LLC, dba Hawthorn Suites of Valdosta,
>        located at 4025 Northlake Dr.

	This is a new permit for Hawthorne Suites near Exit 22.

>        d. Lease Agreement with the Lowndes County Board of Health
>        for space in the Human Resource Building

	3rd floor of HR building.
	Initial lease if 4 months, then will coincide with state budget
	Mental Health moved out of that space about 18 months ago.
>7. Reports
>        a. County Manager

County Manager introduced Richard Guyton as new Lowndes County Fire Chief.

Quit Claim Deed for Old Board of Elections building is being prepared to
sign 1/2 interest to industrial authority. Actual Deed to be signed in about 
2 weeks.  Will have a claw back that if Industrial Authority does not use
the building within prescribed timeframe, for agreed upon purpose, the building
will revert to the county.

Executive Session for a personnel issue.

Scribe: Gretchen Quarterman