owl LAKE
What: (Meeting Name): Lowndes County Comissioners Meeting

When: (Meeting Date / Time):  Tuesday February 10, 2009 5:30pm

Where: (Location of meeting)
	325 West Savannah Ave. 
	Commission Chambers

Who: 	(Who were officials there)
		Chairman: Ashley Paulk
		District 1 Commissioner: Joyce Evans
		District 2 Commissioner: Richard Lee
		District 3 Commissioner: G. Robert Carter

	(Who were other staff / speakers there)

		County Manager: Joe Pritchard
		County Attorney: Walter Elliot
		County Clerk: Paige Dukes
		County Planner: Jason Davenport
		County Finance Director: Stephanie Black
		County IT Director: Aaron Kostyu
		County Engineer: Mike Fletcher
		County Utilities Director: Mike Allen
		County Zoning and Planning: Carmella Braswell
		County Emergency Response: Ashley Tye

	(Who or how many other attendees were there)
		Citizens: John and Gretchen Quarterman
			  Leslie Evans
			  Frenchie dePasteur
			  Carolyn Selby
			  8 women and 1 man - regarding Stafford Wright
			  2 men - not sure what item
			  mother and son - eagle scout assignment
		Lowndes County Staff: About 5 in the audience

How: (Meeting Notes:)

Agenda items:
	Issue (from agenda with any additional information)
	What was discussed
	Who voted for/against

>4. Minutes for Approval
>a. Work Session – January 26, 2009
>b. Regular Session – January 27, 2009

	Approved (3-0)

>5. Citizens Wishing to be Heard Please State Name And Address

	No one spoke on any issue

>6. For Consideration
>a. Motorized Cart Map Update - Motorized Cart Crossing, Lakes Boulevard

	No discussion.
	Approved (3-0)

>b. Proposal from Lovell Engineering for Stafford Wright Road Paving Project
	Survey horizontal alignment and prepare ROW deeds
	Does not guarentee road will be paved.
	If money is available, then finalize engineering plans.
	Currently on Supplemental SPLOST list
	Approved (3-0)

>c. Abandoning an unopened right of way – Clyattville School

	Public hearing in 2 weeks - needs to be advertized first.

	Approved holding public hearing (3-0)

>d. Piney Woods Saddle Club Contract Renewal

	No discussion.
	Approved (3-0)

>e. Code Red Weather Warning Service
	weather warning system
	$12,500 annual fee
	$10,000 this year is available from grant
	Approved (3-0)

>f. CISCO IP Phone System Enhancements
	Upgrade to system will allow a-la-carte purchases of 
		just phone, just VM, just conferencing and will allow
		enchanced teleconferencing, including dial-out

	Approved (3-0)

>g. CHIP Contract for Professional Services
	with Varnadoe and Associates to write 2009 grant proposal

	Approved (3-0)

>h. Purchase & Sale Agreement for Reclaimed Petroleum Groundwater
	Currently water from Wiesenbaker Site is submitted to city
	to process at $2.00 per gallon (county pays city)
	New setu up with GA petrolium will result in county being paid
	$0.10 per gallon..

	Approved (3-0)

>i. 	Consideration of Contracct Between Tinker and Asociates and the
	Board of Assessors

	This item was discussed in detail and voted against a couple
	of meetings back. Apparently there was some change of heart.
	No discussion. 

	Approved (3-0)

>j.	ACE contract for security at Judicial Complex contract

	This was a re-visit of contract approved last time and a
	reconfirmation that this is the bid and contract the county
	wants and not the one from Siemans (which cost 725K more)

	Approved (3-0)

>7. Reports
>a. County Manager
	County Engineer reports DOT Information Update
	Engineering applied for 4 DOT road project grants. 
	Jeff Bridges in Tifton reports that three are still in the running
		Turn lane on Old 41 at ValWood - DOT may pay for all
		Old Quitman Hwy Bridge - 700K asked, may get 200K
		Lakeville/Bellville Rd? - 750K asked, may get 450K
		Clyattstone Road - denied (they picked only 1 of 31 applicants)
	Will hear in spring of final outcomes.
	County will need to come up with rest of money for projects
	If approved, money will be available July 1 
		and projects must be 18 months

>b. Planning - ULDC
	Changes and updates to ULDC - there are 12 major items
	Information included in packet was timeline, advertisement
	requirements, 5 page summary table, maps of current zoning
	based upon 2008 approved zoning changes.

	Based upon questions from yesterday TRC and staff recommend
	handling rezoning Rural Planned Development items on a case
	by case basis. This means more activity for commission but will
	allow details to be worked out with each land owner and adjacent
	properties ahead of time.

	All 12 items will be presented to the commission at the next
	work session.

Additional items:
	Commissioner Joyce Evans will be having a Community Meeting with
	James Road area residents on Thursday at 7pm at West Side School.
	Road project items, including water, sewer, paving etc will be

	Commissioner Joyce Evans has been elected to the Association
	of County Commissioners to represent district 1.

Meeting Adjourned 5:48pm

Scribe: Gretchen Quarterman