Valdosta Civic Roundtable

November 5, 2009


Members present: Jane Osborn, Donald Davis, Jerome Tucker, Cheryl Oliver, Dennis Marks, Katie Hardin, Julie Halter, Shannon Jenkins, Harriet Messcher, Gretchen Quarterman, Terri Whitlock, & Leslie Jacobs.


The meeting was called to order by the president, Jane Osborn. This was the first time our group met in the Hilton Garden Inn. Input is requested from members to determine whether we should continue to meet there or continue to look for another alternative.

Treasurer report: Regions Bank still owes the account $122 worth of erroneous service charges, so the current bank balance of $238.69, should soon increase to $360.69, which still isn’t enough to cover our December luncheon, based on last year’s price. Members who haven’t paid their 2009 dues of $15 should do so, if they choose to attend the December meeting. The alternative is to pay $15 to attend & then be aware that 2010 dues will be due in January. Either way, you are getting a great return!

Nominees for the Louie P. White Award are Sidney Morris & Joanne Griner. If you have other suggestions, they should be submitted to Jane Osborn no later than Monday, Nov. 9. The Executive Committee will vote on candidates & then the award will be ordered for presentation on Dec. 3. The meeting in December will require reservations if you plan to attend. A reminder will be sent out in a few weeks so you can RSVP then. Anyone interested in helping with the cost of the Louie P. White award is welcomed to assist. Last year’s award was $70 & as was stated earlier, there isn’t enough money in the treasury to pay the December expenses. 

~Donald Davis handed out the latest copy of “Yesterday & Today” from the Lowndes County Historical Society. Ron Irwin’s book about the history of Lowndes County Schools, titled “Our Noble Quest” is expected out by Dec. 5th & he has agreed to do a book signing on that day at the museum. Save the date: the Sesquicentennial Kickoff Celebration will take place on Jan. 15, 2010. They are looking for cookbook entries, if you have a favorite recipe you’d like to submit.

~Jerome Tucker asked that we keep the Frank Dallas family in our thoughts & prayers after Frank’s unexpected passing last month. There will continue to be a need at Red Cross for donated blood throughout the holidays. If you are able to give, please do!

~Dennis Marks told us that Rotary Club fundraising is under way for the “Imagination Library” reading project. He also made mention of a new local group called Rotaract, which picks up the high school Interact members, as they enter college. On behalf of the Lowndes County Democratic Party, he commented on the poor voter turnout for the recent local elections.

~Jane Osborn reminded us that the symphony will have a concert on Dec. 5. This month, “Damn Yankees!” is being presented Nov. 12-18 at the Sawyer Theater. Jane sends an information-filled email newsletter regularly & if you’re not on her mailing list, you should be! Her email address is:

~Shannon Jenkins stated that there is still a need for more Girl Scout leaders. There will be a trip to Washington D.C. soon. The girls are in need of places to visit & learn about. Contact Shannon if you’d like to help them out.

~Gretchen Quarterman also commented about poor voter turnout & said that the Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange has a real need to help encourage citizen participation in government issues. She recommended that concerned persons be involved at the local level, to help shape the future decisions in Lowndes County.

~Julie Halter said that the VSU Continuing Ed program is winding down, but will be starting new registration on Dec. 2, & new classes start on Jan. 19.

~Terri Whitlock passed out two letters pertaining to events the Red Cross is working on. They are asking for people to support our military members by sending a letter or card during the holidays. These should be received before Dec.7, to ensure they arrive in time for our overseas service members. There is also a 2009 Holiday Giving Catalog, where you can choose a gift that will bring help & hope to someone in need of assistance. Hurricane season isn’t over yet & fire season is starting soon. Red Cross will be helping someone close to you possibly!

~Cheryl Oliver wanted everyone to know that “Of Mice & Men” has a 3:00 Sun. matinee on Nov. 8. On Nov. 14, there will be a Children’s Culinary Class at the Turner Center. You must sign up to participate! On Mon., Nov. 16, there will be an art reception showcasing three new artists. If you are in the downtown area, please look around for the chalk drawings on some of the sidewalks. They are being done by children from the Boy’s & Girl’s Club & the VSU Art Education.

~ Harriet Messcher asked us to spread the word about LAMP’s Block Festival on Sat., Nov. 21, from 10:00-2:00. There will be Thanksgiving Food Baskets given away to qualifying families, but you must apply by Nov. 12, to be eligible. The fun will take place at 714 Charlton St., come for free food & drinks, games & prizes. The Valdosta Board of Realtors will be having their holiday tree auction on Nov. 20. LAMP will benefit from this event.

~Katie Hardin has several Lunch & Learn lectures going on at Hospice of SO GA this month. The three consecutive Wed. luncheons begin at 11:30. Call to register. (229) 671-8342.

~Leslie Jacobs: we are heading to Perry, GA on Fri., Nov. 13 for the State Special Olympics Horse Show. This looks to be the largest group of special athletes that the horse show has ever had. 250 are signed up to attend. Results will be shared later!


This concludes the November minutes & they are now submitted for your review.


Leslie Jacobs,