Valdosta Civic Roundtable

Minutes from Feb. 5, 2009


Members present: Donald Davis, Cheryl Oliver, Shannon Jenkins, Harriet Messcher, Julie Halter, & Leslie Jacobs. Two visitors joined us today: Jamie Bone & Gretchen Quarterman.

Those who RSVP’d their regrets were: Jane Osborn, Dennis Marks, & Jerome Tucker. Jane has gone to be with her mother in Jacksonville, who is in ICU, with congestive heart failure. Dennis was with his wife, Patricia, in Albany, today. Jerome had another obligation.

Donald Davis called the meeting to order, welcomed members & guests, & then requested the Treasurer’s Report from Cheryl.

Treasurer’s Report: $229.59 in the bank. The 2009 membership fees have been paid by 15 persons, according to the most recent accounting by Cheryl. You may bring your $15 for 2009 dues to the next meeting on March 5th, if you haven’t paid yet.

Secretary’s Report: There were no additions or changes noted to the January minutes, so they were accepted.

Member Reports:

*Donald Davis had printed post cards advertising Georgia Day, which will take place on Sunday, Feb. 8th, at 3:00 at the Lowndes County Historical Museum. There will be a special program on “Lowndes County – The Land Georgia Did Not Want”, by Richard W. Shelton. Donald also told us about the Georgia Virtual Education program being utilized by some local homeschoolers.

*Shannon Jenkins: Girl Scouts. She recruits for seven counties in the district. Girl Scout cookies will be in on February 14th. Help support the Girl Scouts & satisfy your sweet tooth!

*Cheryl Oliver told us that last week’s free musical concert of Andrew Lloyd Webber was a great success, with a full house in attendance. Upcoming events: Tuesday, Feb. 10 – Bye, Bye Birdie. Dinner at 6:00 is available for $15, & tickets for the show at 7:30 are $45. March 1st will begin the Youth Arts Month. Other events in March will be advertised soon.

*Harriet Messcher introduced us to Jamie Bone, who is with the Park Ave. United Methodist Church. They are working together on the “Homeless 4 A Night” event, which will take place on Fri., Mar. 6th. Call Jamie at 229-242-3562 for more information & to participate.

*Julie Halter passed out a flier about the VSU Learning in Retirement Players. Auditions will be held on Wed., Feb. 18th at 11:00 AM for the play, “The Day They Kidnapped Blanche”. Please call VSU Cont. Ed. at 245-6484.

*Gretchen Quarterman was invited today by Dennis Marks, who was unable to be with us. She is with the Lowndes County Democratic Party. She also told us about a new group called Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange. Information is sought from many different channels to disseminate throughout the community. Their website is:

*Leslie Jacobs told those present of a special moment recently at Jacobs’ Ladder. In addition to the Horse Shows that are publicized, a lot of good things are taking place in children’s lives. We continue to need weekday volunteers to help with school groups. Call 794-1188, if you can help.

That’s it for the news, since Jane wasn’t able to be with us with her wealth of information. Prayers are being said for her family.

The next meeting will be on Thursday, March 5th. I hope to see you there.

Minutes submitted for your approval.

Leslie Jacobs,