Valdosta Civic Roundtable

December 4, 2008

There were no actual minutes taken, as we had our annual Holiday Party at the Turner Center for the Arts.

Members in attendance:

Dennis Marks, Donald O. Davis, Jane Osborn, Cheryl Oliver, Jerome Tucker, Harriet Messcher, Julie Halter, Mike Kirkland, Barbara Corbitt, Charlie Oliver, Joyce Aigen, Stuart Mullis, Joann Griner, & Leslie Jacobs.

Visitors in attendance:

Roy Copeland, Dr. Cheryl Copeland, Nathaniel Haugabrook (Vice President of 100 Black Men of Valdosta), Lymas Johnson (Board member of 100 Black Men of Valdosta), Sirena Watson (Assistant of Roy Copeland), George Aigen, Julia Ariail, Ruth Chastain, Carrie Hickman, Patricia Marks, Mara Register, representatives from the Valdosta Daily Times: Matt Flumerfelt & Pat Gallagher.

Covington’s provided a wonderful buffet for our event. Tables were decorated with red poinsettias & beanie babies.

Suitcases & backpacks were brought by the members for children placed into DFCS. Donald Davis obtained many beanie-babies, along with other stuffed animals for the children. These will be distributed as needed by Carrie Hickman & Barbara Corbitt, with DFCS.

This year’s Louie Peeples White Award was presented to Roy Copeland of 100 Black Men of Valdosta for outstanding community service.

At the conclusion of the gathering, the 2009 Officers were installed. For 2009: Jane Osborn, President; 1st VP - Donald O. Davis; 2nd VP - Jerome Tucker; Cheryl Oliver, Treasurer; Leslie Jacobs, Secretary.

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, January 8th at the Fuji Restaurant, at 12:30. Please plan to join us in the New Year!